Bloomwood Royal Major Globtrotter


Polish Champion

Lithuanian Champion
Polish Junior Champion

Polish Junior Club Winner

German Junior Club Winner 

Polish Junior Winner

Qualification for Crufts 2017

Open yellow class Winner at the Potomac 2017

d.o.b: 16.09.2015

  • hip displasia - HD-A
  • elbow displasia - ED 0/0
  • eyes clear -   (November 2016)
  • ECHO heart - clear 
  • prcd-PRA - clear (DDC Labolatory)
  • EIC - clear (DDC Labolatory)
  • HNPK  - clear (DDCLabolatory)
  • CNM  - clear (DDCLabolatory)
  • full dentition
  • pure yellow (BBee)
  • long gene (non carrier of the long coat gene) (DDC Labolatory)

chilled and frozen semen available (semen available in Mexico and Europe)





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