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Bloomwood FCI Kennel 

I would not be first who said that dogs were in my life for a long time...
To this day, the family get-togethers remember how I hid in the dog kennels
and how I want every dog have in my home.
At age 15 I got from the parents my first dog , which was a German Shepherd MAX,
pretty, strong, shorthair, who was my friend for the next 13 years .
The years flew fast and the time of painful separation from Max came. In the meantime, 
we moved to our own house.In short time Akitta - husky type dog - came to live with us.
We saved him, his blue eyes charmed us from the beginning. We knew that husky's are the best
when they have a husky company we took anotherone to our home - SHIBA Zew Alaski- SABA,
a girl with a lovely character, being in the same time independent dog girl a have ever seen.

From the appearance of the snow dogs in our house all the free time we spend with them.
In 2010 came to us our firts labrador retriever - M'CHESTER Perkozowy Raj.
Beautiful chocolate, which ideally can read in our thoughts and that perfectly understand
our moods. It is because of Chester first began to explore the ins and outs of dog shows 
and here begins the new chapter in our lives. The first steps were funny, I had to look hilarious...
but finnaly this stage I have behind me. I'm a better guardian and ovner of dogs than the handler.
Dog shows have allowed us to explore a new environment - breeder, passionates with whom 
we could find a common language , listen to good advice , for which I wanted to thank you. 

So I met Kamila Bartel our handler, who began rings adventure with our Chester and transferred 
her knowledge to my husband, who also already doing quite well. Kamila with in a manner known only
to herself contact with our frisky animal. I do not know how she does it ,but does it best, 
and I thank her for it . 

During our trip to Polish dog shows, we came to the conclusion that it would be nice to have 
another dog - labrador bitch.

After a long wait for the one : in March 2012 Xelia Deva Herbu Zadora - Mia came to live with us.
Beautiful black little pearl, I do not know how long I thank Kamila for her help with getting Mia,
and Ms. Monika Dowgiałło for letting us have this amazing girl!

Mia - - here I guess I should start writing a book about her, is a daughter of Yunwu Shan Herbu Zadora
a dog whose pedigree is based on the famous breeding Dickendall and bitch HySpire Love That Swing You Do.
Mia is a typical " Americano ", girl which we dreamed about. 

From this moment begins the next adventure with dog shows, we will inform you up to date :)
Regards Eva M. Kotowska